Akshay Nanavati is a Polar Explorer who uses Mem to plan his expeditions and has seen a range of benefits, from aligning daily tasks with long-term goals to providing actionable tasks with verbs and reference materials/resources.

In this blog post, we'll explore Akshay's journey to  and how it has helped him to plan his expeditions. We'll look at how Mem has improved Akshay's efficiency and organization when it comes to project planning, as well as the features that make Mem stand out from other project planning tools.

Planning an Expedition in Mem Vs Other Tools 

When Akshay plans expeditions, he used to have to keep track of his itinerary, flight details, and other planning elements in multiple word documents with check marks, or emails stashed away in different places. This made it difficult for him to access the information he needed quickly, as well as connect different planning elements together. 

With Mem this process is streamlined and organized, allowing Akshay to access each element quickly and easily. Furthermore, with Mem, Akshay can link different elements together, something that wasn't possible when using multiple documents.

Using Mem for an Arctic Expedition

When it comes to planning an expedition, Akshay uses Mem to improve his efficiency and organization. He created a hashtag for the trip called #adventuretrips, and he is also training for his big goal of crossing Antarctica. He created a separate Mem for the Arctic trip to keep track of all the details related to this expedition. 

One of the most important aspects of planning an expedition is the itinerary. Akshay uses Mem’s shortcuts to quickly access his emails and link them to the itinerary. He has broken down the itinerary day by day and linked all the hotels, flights, and other details to each day. When Akshay clicks on a particular task, such as flying from Phoenix to Oslo, Mem takes him directly to his email with the itinerary. 

This makes it much easier for him to keep track of all the details and see how they fit together. It also makes it easier for him to reference any project-related handouts, sketches, notes, meeting minutes, manuals, websites, and ongoing discussions.

Benefits of Using Mem for Expedition Planning

Akshay loves the action items feature of Mem. Instead of having a long list of items in a Word document, he can easily see which tasks are actionable and have verbs associated with them. 
This makes it much easier for him to keep track of what needs to be done and how to do it. He can also easily access all the details of his past and upcoming expeditions.

He has a shortcut that links to all the information he needs, such as the itinerary, action items, and resources. This way, Akshay doesn't have to search through multiple documents to find the information he needs.
Akshay also uses Mem to plan his food list for the expedition, which is really helpful for his other trips too. He can easily categorize his tasks and save any notes or resources he needs to remember.

Streamlining Consciousness

When it comes to training for something like a 110-day ski crossing of Antarctica solo, it’s the little 1% differences that make all the difference. Streamlining our consciousness, and being more systematized, can help us stay focused and devote our conscious, physical, mental, and psychological energy to the craft.

One of the greatest advantages of using Mem for expeditions is the ability to manage time and energy more efficiently. Users can easily search for their itinerary and all the associated flights and hotels, saving them a significant amount of time and energy that can be spent on other aspects of their expedition.

Final Thoughts

Akshay is a big fan of Mem and uses it to plan all of his expeditions. He loves how Mem makes it easy for him to keep track of all the details, link different elements together, and access the information he needs quickly. He also appreciates the action items feature and the ability to manage his time and energy more efficiently.