Are you struggling with organizing your thoughts and creating a structured outline for your blog posts? In this tutorial, we will explore how you can effectively utilize Mem's Smart Write and Edit features to outline and write your blog posts. By following these simple steps, you'll be able to generate ideas, capture them efficiently, and transform them into a well-organized outline that will serve as the foundation for your blog post.

Generating and Capturing Ideas

To start the process, it's crucial to capture your ideas as they come to you. Mem offers multiple ways to do this.

Creating a New Mem

The easiest way to capture ideas is by creating a new Mem. Simply click on "New" or press the command key, and a new Mem will be generated. This allows you to jot down your thoughts and ideas whenever they occur to you.

Sending Text Messages to Mem

Another effective method is to send yourself text messages. For example, when you're listening to a podcast and it sparks an idea, you can ask Siri to send a text message to Mem with a potential title for that note.

Using Mem Spotlight

Mem Spotlight is a handy feature that allows you to capture notes quickly. By keeping Mem open throughout the day, you can use the Mem Spotlight keyboard shortcut to call it up and capture a note from anywhere on the web.

Don't Worry About Fully Formed Ideas

When capturing ideas, don't worry if they are not fully formed or seem incomplete. Just give them a title and allow them to develop over time. Ideas often need time to gestate and evolve in your mind.

Section 2: The Power of Smart Notes

One of the most effective ways to generate ideas for new content is by taking smart notes. Smart notes allow you to make connections between ideas and create blog post inspirations.

Example of a Smart Note

A literature note from a book called "Your Brain on Art" serves as an example. By jotting down some thoughts and creating a bi-directional link, an idea for a blog post about the power of being playful emerged.

To make the most of smart notes, embed bi-directional links within sentences of existing notes. This technique allows ideas to flow naturally and helps create connections between various concepts.

Importance of Well-Crafted Titles

The titles of your notes play a crucial role in embedding them into sentences of other notes. Well-crafted titles make it easier to integrate ideas into future blog posts.

Section 3: Tagging and Organizing Blog Post Ideas

To keep your blog post ideas organized, consider tagging them or creating a dedicated collection.

Tagging Your Ideas

Use descriptive tags to provide context and track the status of each idea. For example, use tags like "UC blog" to indicate the context and "blog post idea" to denote the status.

Creating Collections

Create collections to group similar ideas together. This allows for better organization and easy management of your blog post creation process.

Section 4: Creating an Outline with Smart Write and Edit

Now that you've prepared your ideas and organized them, it's time to create an outline for your blog post using Smart Write and Edit.

Writing a Specific Prompt

Craft a clear and specific prompt for Smart Write and Edit. The quality of the prompt directly affects the generated outline's effectiveness.

Generating the Outline
Copy your prompt and paste it into Smart Write and Edit. Let the tool generate an outline for your blog post based on the provided prompt.

Section 5: Refining the Outline

Smart Write and Edit will provide you with a comprehensive outline for your blog post  but it may not include headers. Refine the outline by converting relevant sections into H2 tags for better structure.

Incorporating Quotes and Tags

Enhance your outline by incorporating relevant quotes from books or additional tags. Utilize content from similar Mem notes to enrich your outline further.


By leveraging Mem's Smart Write and Edit features, you can streamline the process of outlining and writing your blog posts. The ability to capture ideas, create connections between them, and generate a comprehensive outline saves you time and enhances your writing workflow. Implement these strategies today and experience the power of Mem in organizing and outlining your blog posts.